Exportmaster notices

Current release

The latest Exportmaster release is 5.05. Exportmaster 5 software, including upgraded bespoke software undertaken for earlier versions, has now been released to all clients with a current support agreement. (10/02/2020)

Exportmaster 5

Exportmaster 5, the latest version of the software, is now available for new systems and the process of upgrading our many version 4 clients is on-going.

Client/Server Database

  • The database server component runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 and later Windows Server operating systems (2012 & 2016).
  • One database server service per Exportmaster system.
  • No additional licensing fees for use of the database server.
  • Improves system reliability by no longer requiring the file-sharing used by Exportmaster version 4.
  • The database operates with Unicode data, so information in most alphabets can be stored.
  • Database capacity greatly increased.
  • The optional ODBC driver package also includes an OLE DB provider.

Expanded Addresses and Formatting

  • The number and size of name and address data fields has been extended.
  • Name and four address lines each now have a maximum width of 80 characters.
  • New address fields for City, State, Postcode and Country.
  • Configurable address ‘formatters’ for use when printing - specify address formats to suit your different destinations and attach the appropriate format to an address.
  • Addresses migrated from a version 4 system will continue to work without change.

Address Printing

  • The document print engine now allows large expanded addresses to fit into smaller available address areas, the Consignee box on a SITPRO form, for example.
  • The size of the font used to print a large address is reduced, within limits, until it fits into a predefined rectangular area on the printed page.
  • This facility is not restricted to addresses – it may be used with other larger pieces of printable text.

Security Roles

  • Previously, permission to perform certain activities within the system was granted at a per-user level so that configuring stricter security on a system with many users could be cumbersome. In Exportmaster 5, roles may be defined to which permissions are granted. An individual user can be assigned one or more roles as appropriate to duties and requirements.
  • An individual activity line in the procedural system may have a role assigned to it. For example, the activity “Approve credit” could be performed only by someone whose role permits it.
  • It is also possible to specify the members of a Role to be recipients of an Alert within the system.

Other New and Improved Features

  • Program toolbar buttons benefit from improved graphics and more consistent use across the system.
  • The Exportmaster main menu shows a list of a user’s recently accessed orders, quotations, etc. These items can be opened directly, by-passing intermediate screens.
  • Unicode text entry allows use of most alphabets, including Arabic for example, with the correct input direction – left-to-right or right-to-left.
  • Improved support for high resolution screens – Exportmaster 5 has been extensively re-worked to display correctly at screen font display sizes of 125% and above.
  • Most data display grids now have a search bar at the top of each column. Searches are performed rapidly by the database server and the results passed back over the network.


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Migration from Exportmaster version 4

Unlike release upgrades within Exportmaster version 4, the initial transition to Exportmaster 5 is not simply a question of installing it over the top of your existing system and carrying on. Exportmaster 5 is installed as a new system to its own location on a Windows Server. This is followed by migration of the content of an operational Exportmaster v4 system into it. The existing v4 system is not modified by the process. Once the migration is completed, the old system can continue to be operated if required. This allows a trial migration to Exportmaster 5 to be undertaken and tested, while v4 continues in normal use until a final definitive migration is authorised.

We are now beginning to issue Exportmaster 5 to users of Exportmaster v4 who have an active support and upgrades agreement. Most v4 systems have some bespoke content (for ERP interfaces for example) which needs to be updated before the move to Exportmaster 5 can take place. For this reason, a big-bang approach to conversion is not appropriate. We are therefore proceeding with the upgrade on a company-by-company basis. (15/05/2017)

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Release 4.26. Release 4.26 of Exportmaster has just been issued to all supported clients. Full details of changes can be found in the document EM 426 Release Notes.pdf, located in the ReleaseNotes folder on the Exportmaster CD. You will also find a copy of the installation instructions, EM 426 Installation Instructions.pdf, in the same location.

Changes have been made to:

  • Alerts and messages – both within Exportmaster and sent from external systems
  • Activities and deadlines – new preferences and new columns
  • Printing and PDF production – minor changes
  • More preferences as to what constitutes completion of a document including ability to specify alternative combinations
  • MS Outlook 64-bit support
  • Contacts for customers and consignees – improved facilities
  • Support for clients’ SQL queries in Data Search
  • Substitutable tags (merge-fields) enable templates to pick up transaction-related files automatically for attachment to emails
  • Selection of additional email recipients from customer or supplier-related contacts
  • ‘Preview all’ facility for Order, Quotation and Purchase documents can now over-ride individual settings
  • Improved log viewing and filtering
  • Packing – new security option
  • Minor changes to Product & Customer Import, Document Archiving, Structured Pricing, Sales Analysis, Suppliers and Purchase Orders

For information about changes made in earlier releases of Exportmaster, please refer to the file ReleaseNotes301to425.pdf also in the ReleaseNotes folder on the Exportmaster CD. (15/12/2015)

DBISAM Database. This is an important notice for those still running Exportmaster release 4.23 or earlier releases.

Exportmaster 4.25, 4.26 and subsequent releases use an updated version of the DBISAM database engine. Once release 4.25, 4/26 or later releases have been installed it is not possible to revert to release 4.23 or earlier and retain the databases. The converted data is not usable by the earlier versions. The upgrade to 4.25 or later releases is a one-way process. If you think that this presents you with any issues, please be sure to contact Exportmaster support to discuss a resolution before taking any action. (15/12/2015)

ODBC Driver If your Exportmaster system is on release 4.23 or earlier and is accessed externally by the optional DBISAM ODBC driver, then after upgrading to 4.25, 4.26 or newer all your ODBC users must access the database with the updated ODBC driver already supplied with the new versions. Caution: Failure to do so will cause data corruption.

If you no longer have access to the ODBC driver CD supplied with release 4.25 or 4.26, please contact Exportmaster support for details about how to download the latest driver. (15/12/2015)

Release v4.25. From the many changes and improvements in this release of Exportmaster (EM), these are likely to be of particular interest:

‘Alerts and Messages’ draws the attention of specified individuals to activities that have been carried out by other users or by interfaces with external systems.

A document can be produced or activity performed for multiple transactions via a single command from the user – particularly valuable for exporters with high volumes of shipments.

Availability of user-defined data fields has been extended to consignees.

Users can filter by description when selecting goods for packing - helpful for shipments with large numbers of products.

EM now uses an upgraded version of the DBISAM database (v4.39) which can offer performance improvement when handling extremely large data tables.

A 64-bit version of the EM ODBC driver is available.

For NES and EMCS there is now a SOAP alternative to FTP for the transmission of data to eCustoms. The SOAP approach allows for feedback and retrieval of ARC numbers from HMRC.

Many enhancements and modifications affecting operation, performance, outputs and validation have been made across the system affecting, among others, the following modules:

  • Sales Analysis & Management Reporting
  • EU VAT & Intrastat
  • Structured Pricing
  • Data Search
  • Customs Generation
  • TOPS
  • Interfaces (outbound and inbound)

For a complete listing and full details please refer to the file EM 425 Release Notes.pdf which can be found in the ReleaseNotes folder on your latest Exportmaster CD. If you are a licensed Exportmaster user but do not have easy access to the CD, please contact us requesting an emailed copy. (13/10/2015)

Release 4.23. The CD for Exportmaster Version 4.23 has been sent to all current licensees. Full details will are contained in the document EM 423 Release Notes.pdf which can be found in the Release Notes folder on the CD. Release 4.23 incorporates a large number of enhancements, fixes and additional facilities affecting all three packages: ShipShape, Professional and TOPS. Useful improvements applying to all three packages include:

  • Faster searching of Customers and Consignees
  • Extension of UN Pack Code to allow for specification of pack sub-divisions in Hazard Data operations
  • Pro-active notification of customer-related Alert warnings to users when editing and processing quotations and orders
  • In document design, header and footer elements can be placed on a page at an accuracy of 1/720th of an inch, overriding the standard grid-based coordinates – highly relevant for accurately positioning box and document titles and when squeezing unusually large amounts of text into a box
  • User-defined data-fields can be set as the key field for a table look-up

All of the changes (including a significant number of improvements to the TOPS system) are detailed with explanatory screen-shots in EM 423 Release Notes.pdf. If you are a licensed Exportmaster user but do not have easy access to the CD, please contact us requesting an emailed copy. (03/09/2013)

Version 4.22 released. Exportmaster version 4.22 incorporates a large number of new features and enhancements. Licensed users will find a full listing of all the changes, together with instructions as to use, in the document EM 422 Release Notes.pdf which can be found in the ReleaseNotes folder on the Exportmaster CD. You will also find a copy of the installation instructions - EM 422 Installation Instructions.pdf - in the same location.

Here are some of the most noticeable changes. Facilities for importing data from customers’ enquiry or order documents using copy-and-paste have been dramatically improved, permitting significant reductions in re-keying. Customer and transaction-related notes have become available on-screen at various new key locations, allowing specialised instructions to be more visible when needed. Datasearch, now with output to Excel, has been improved and extended while customer, consignee and supplier master files can now be used as a centre for locating their related transactions. For TOPS users, the substitution of suppliers’ own descriptions for the exporter’s descriptions has become easier and more widespread in scope. (28/04/2011)

Incoterms® 2010. Incoterms® 2010 were launched in mid-September 2010 and came into effect on 1 January 2011. The Exportmaster Delivery Terms master file contains a maintainable list of the Incoterms. Exportmaster was already equipped to deal with the change but installation of Release 4.22 automatically adds two new Incoterms to the list if they do not yet exist.

DAT - Delivered At Terminal
DAP - Delivered At Place

The new Incoterms rules - DAT and DAP - have replaced the Incoterms 2000 rules DAF, DES, DEQ and DDU. However these earlier rules will not be removed as part of this update. (28/04/2011)

UK VAT rate change. If you use Exportmaster for UK operations or for exports not qualifying for zero-rating, please open or download this PDF document for instructions on what you need to do in connection with new business and existing orders. (31/12/2010)

Exportmaster version 4.21. Upgrade CD's for Exportmaster version 4.21 were issued to all clients with current support contracts at the end of March. It is recommended that all upgrades should be carried out promptly. If any guidance is required, please contact the support team on 020 8681 2454. Previously notified 25/03/2010. (22/07/2010)

Tunnel restriction codes. If you move hazardous goods through certain designated tunnels, you must now use tunnel restriction codes on Dangerous Goods Notes and related documents. In order to help you comply with the new regulations, Exportmaster version 4.21 incorporates changes to Shipping Data, to Hazard Data and to the document designs for DGN's. (19/01/2010)

Electronic document storage. If you have Exportmaster's Document Archiving module, it will be upgraded as part of the imminent Release 4.21 to permit the automatic creation and storage of PDF files. (19/01/2010)

EU VAT changes. Exportmaster has been updated to deal with alterations announced by HMRC to the European Sales List that take effect in January 2010. (For a brief summary, see the news page).
All the necessary updates are incorporated in Exportmaster version 4.21. However, all clients known to be using Exportmaster for preparation of the ESL report should already have received an update CD for version 4.20. (30/12/2009)

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Dynamic email documents. You can now set up Exportmaster (all packages) to generate emails that contain formatted documents (text or HTML) within what would normally be the text area. Production of such emails is triggered by the operation of an appropriate activity line in your processing system. Instructions as to how to create templates for these emails will be found on your v4.20 CD in the Manuals folder in the file EM template emailing.pdf. Alternatively, this work can be undertaken on your behalf by Exportmaster development staff.

This new feature is in addition to the existing facility whereby any document can be generated as an attachment to an email. (31/10/2009)

Exportmaster release 4.20. All Exportmaster licensees have been issued with Version 4.20 free of charge under their annual maintenance contract. There are substantially enhanced facilities for TOPS users while all Exportmaster packages now have the ability to generate email documents incorporating dynamic formatted content (text or HTML) within the body of the message. (30/04/2009)

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Acquiring an Exportmaster system

We make implementing Exportmaster easy with our competitive prices and clear, detailed quotations. Most companies simply purchase a perpetual software licence but there is also a rental option.

Trading up from other systems

Several export software suppliers have discontinued support or failed to undertake significant product development in recent years.

If you own one of their systems, talk to us about trading-up and data-conversion.

You'll find Exportmaster does a lot more for you and its programme of constant development will always keep you ahead of the game.

Contact us for details.