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Functionality & key features

See how Exportmaster can help make your export processes more efficient and accurate

We have listed each key function and how it can help you.

Faster, easier and more accurate export documentation

The preparation of thoroughly detailed export documentation is simplified, making document production fast, and reducing the risk of delays due to documentation inaccuracies.

Working with document designs that are tailored to your specific needs, Exportmaster collates data imported directly from your ERP system, with shipment-specific data that is prepared on a shipment-by-shipment basis.

Where shipment-related data does not exist in your ERP system, Exportmaster provides the facility to manage this.

Work with the familiar SITPRO format, or your own custom document designs. Exportmaster will produce documents to meet your specific export business needs.

Configurable export processing workflows help you easily manage your export shipments

Configurable workflows to assist your export team from order receipt to final delivery of goods.

Designed to meet your specific export processing requirements, workflows provide a simple-to-follow processing procedure for each type of export shipment that your business requires.

Workflows drive the efficient processing of multiple simultaneous export shipments, ensuring that

  • Checks and bookings are made
  • Data is prepared to simplify customs declarations
  • Dangerous goods data is calculated for DGN production
  • Consignment packing detail is processed simplifying Packing Lists preparation
  • All necessary documents are printed
  • Emails are created with PDF copies of your export documentation pre-attached

From a simple list of documents that must be printed, to more detailed procedural controls, every export order can be efficiently managed.

Import data from your other business systems, keeping your in-house data integrity centralised

Inbound data

Although Exportmaster can operate as a stand-alone system, most implementations involve importing data from other business systems. These include all the major ERP, WMS and financial systems.

Outbound data

As part of your export management process, Exportmaster can prepare and export data required for

  • Updating your other business systems
  • Issuing shipment data to freight forwarding agents
  • Preparing and delivering data for customs declarations

Simple creation of detailed packing information

Easily prepare a breakdown of your shipments, detailing the contents of each pallet or container. Where required, easily apply batch numbers, serial numbers or best-before dates.

Exportmaster can calculate weights and dimensions, based on data provided by your ERP and warehouse systems. Should you need to override this and adjust the weights and dimensions manually, Exportmaster makes this possible too.

Fast and accurate calculation for CDS customs declarations

Exportmaster will calculate and prepare the detailed information that is required for your export customs declarations.

This can then be supplied to your third-party forwarding agent or uploaded to your online customs declaration service provider.

Descartes e-Customs

With an established Descartes e-Customs interface, Exportmaster can upload the prepared customs data directly to your e-customs account, ready for submission to HMRC.

Find out more about this key function here

Automate hazardous data calculation and documentation for each shipment

Fast and accurate calculation of hazardous data.

If you are shipping hazardous goods, Exportmaster will calculate the data for each shipment, simplifying the production of your DGN documents.

Quickly consolidate multiple export orders into a single shipment

Easily consolidate multiple orders into a single export shipment.

Once consolidated, each line item retains its original order detail so this can be detailed in the final shipment documentation.

Split export orders into multiple shipments

If you need to part-ship your export orders, Exportmaster gives you the flexibility to easily manage this. You can split an export order into as many individual shipments as needed while retaining a clear breakdown of what has been shipped and what is yet to be shipped.

Instantly create a fully prepared draft email in Outlook

Fully configurable email templates will streamline your workflow. Exportmaster will automatically create draft Microsoft Outlook emails, pre-populated with shipment-specific content, along with attached PDF copies of Exportmaster generated documents, all ready for you to review and send.

Automated Document Archiving

Whenever Exportmaster prints a document, a PDF copy can be automatically archived. Exportmaster manages the archive folder structure automatically, providing an easy-to-navigate resource that allows for simple retrieval.


Configurable dashboards provide a clear status summary across all of your active shipments. Dashboards can be configured to highlight shipments at key stages of their processing lifecycle.

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