Support & maintenance

Exportmaster enjoys a high reputation for the quality of its support services. An annual agreement covers provision of both support and maintenance.

Support staff have a wealth of experience not just with the software itself but also in the exporting and IT/technical environments in which it operates.

Helpline support is delivered by phone, email, fax and post. Where necessary (for overseas locations for example) and subject to permission direct access to a client’s system may be arranged.

All support calls are logged and promptly followed up until the query has been resolved.

Maintenance relates to the on-going development of the software. It covers changes, fixes and adjustments to the current version, the issue of new documents or altered documentary formats, new releases incorporating enhancements and additions to the software as well as changes to comply with new statutory requirements, and major software version upgrades. When Exportmaster issues a new version, there is no financial decision to be made. It is covered by the agreement.

New releases are issued on self-installing CD’s with clear instructions for use, but a talk-through is always freely available via the support line.


Acquiring an Exportmaster system

Our competitive prices and clear, detailed quotations make it easy to get started. Most companies simply purchase a perpetual software licence but there is also a rental option.


Trading up from other systems

Several export software suppliers have discontinued support or failed to undertake significant product development in recent years.

If you own one of their systems, talk to us about trading-up and data-conversion.

You'll find Exportmaster does a lot more for you and its programme of constant development will always keep you ahead of the game.

Contact us for details.