Exportmaster implementations are carried out to a defined plan matching the needs of the individual situation.

A simple shipping system in a small department may require only a small amount of consultancy and training, whereas a more complex corporate situation will benefit from the more comprehensive approach outlined below.

A formal implementation plan is drawn up in collaboration with the client specifying activities to be completed, persons responsible and a timetable.

A discovery process is undertaken to identify documentary outputs, special data requirements, procedures and processes, methods of operation, and data formats for linking with other systems.

Installation of the packaged software is undertaken and network operation, printing and communications facilities tested.

The configuration stage involves consultancy to match the system to the needs of the client and of the client’s customers. Workflows are defined for different business situations or geographical areas along with export procedures and document lists for individual customers or categories. Any special programming or scripting work for integration with other systems or other purposes is carried out in parallel at this stage. However, because the software has been designed to permit customisation of documentary output, procedures, special data fields and interface mappings from within the system, the need for bespoke work is eliminated or kept to an absolute minimum.

A data upload is undertaken if relevant information is available from existing or previous systems.

The configured system and any interfaces with other software undergo thorough testing.

Training of users is undertaken on-site using the configured system and the client’s own data.

After go-live, the system is reviewed and any fine-tuning found to be necessary is carried out.

Helpline services are available during and after the implementation stage.

Acquiring an Exportmaster system

Our competitive prices and clear, detailed quotations make it easy to get started. Most companies simply purchase a perpetual software licence but there is also a rental option.


Trading up from other systems

Several export software suppliers have discontinued support or failed to undertake significant product development in recent years.

If you own one of their systems, talk to us about trading-up and data-conversion.

You'll find Exportmaster does a lot more for you and its programme of constant development will always keep you ahead of the game.

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