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Flooring and Car-care Products   A UK group with diverse manufacturing interests in flooring & wall-cladding systems and car-care & valeting products has doubled the size of their Exportmaster system to help them manage their expanding export administration and documentation needs. (December 2020)

Breakfast Cereals and Crispbreads   A manufacturer of a number of household-name branded cereal-based breakfast foods and crispbreads has more than doubled the size of their Exportmaster Professional system to help them cope with the demands of the UK leaving the Single Market. (November 2020)

Dairy Food Ingredients   A processor of milk for ingredients delivered to the food manufacturing industry has implemented an Exportmaster system to help them cope with the increased documentation requirement for exports to their European-based customers. This is linked with their Quantiv ERP system and also to Descartes e-Customs, streamlining their customs declarations. (October 2020)

Dairy Products   A UK-based dairy products business with many well-known UK brands has trebled the number of seats for their Exportmaster system. This helps them cope with the increased documentation requirement resulting from the UK’s departure from the Single Market. (September 2020)

Biscuit Manufacturer   A major UK biscuit manufacturer has installed an Exportmaster ShipShape system to produce the documentation for their exports from the UK. This is linked with their SAP system from which consignments are received. Additionally the Exportmaster interface with Descartes e-Customs allows data to be uploaded for customs declarations. (March 2020)

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