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Healthcare and JDA   A major supplier of logistics and fulfilment services with a wide range of clients across the UK healthcare sector has implemented Exportmaster ShipShape. The specialised export software generates documentation for shipments received from the company's JDA Dispatcher system.(28/10/2019)

Beers, HMRC & Aurora  A well-known drinks group has installed a ShipShape system making it the fourth traditional brewery to be using Exportmaster software. ShipShape produces export documentation for shipments generated by an Aurora corporate system with which it is electronically linked. The Exportmaster software in turn generates customs data and uploads it to HMRC for NES and EMCS declarations. (28/10/2019)

Light engineering.   A West Midlands company manufacturing specialised engineering and electrical products has installed Exportmaster Professional. This version of Exportmaster is designed to handle sales activities as well as shipping and export administration. (23/04/2019)

Animal nutrition.  A European-owned global company has purchased Exportmaster for its UK export operations. The software’s unique level of configurability of both documentary output and data content make it ideal for the particular demands of this highly individual sector. It is above all this adaptability that permits Exportmaster to produce not just general export paperwork but also the industry-specific compliance and analysis documents that most systems simply cannot effectively address and that can represent a significant portion of an implementation. (22/01/2019)

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