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Dietary products.  A major player in the area of dietary products seeking to address the specialised requirements of its export operations has chosen Exportmaster as the preferred solution. Their general operational activities are handled by an IFS corporate software system. An integrated implementation means that Exportmaster takes dispatches generated by IFS and produces the necessary export documentation while also handling related administrative functions. For this exporter (as for many clients in the food & drink and pharmaceutical sectors) Exportmaster's facilities for dealing with batches and expiry dates, particularly with regard to packing lists, and for working with Arabic and other non-Roman scripts are of significant importance for compliance purposes.

Defence.  A specialised defence company has installed Exportmaster ShipShape to handle its shipping and dangerous goods documentation. Exportmaster packages include a specific hazard database which permits the contents of dangerous goods documents to be assembled automatically or with minimal user intervention if desired. Use of the hazard data is not restricted to the usual dangerous goods documentation. It can also be incorporated within any shipping or commercial document – packing lists and invoices are typical examples. This specific hazard functionality and the data facilities that support it make Exportmaster especially attractive to companies moving hazardous cargo, not least those in the defence and chemicals sectors. (18/09/2018)

Precision Engineering.  A precision engineering company, specialists in tooling and advanced steel technology, have deployed a ShipShape system to handle their export administration and documentation activity. The software works in conjunction with their Microsoft Dynamics Navision ERP system ensuring a smooth flow of export transactions all the way through the operational process. (03/08/2018)

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Semiconductors.  Exportmaster software is used for a highly diverse range of exports. At one extreme there are companies involved in the quarrying of minerals while, at the other end of the scale, there are manufacturers of small and highly valuable hi-tech products. An example of the latter is the maker of a prestigious range of semiconductors and specialised electronic items. This international company has recently automated its export document production with an Exportmaster ShipShape system. ShipShape is linked to its Epicor ERP software avoiding the need to re-enter transactions for export processing. (01/06/2018)

Glass packaging.  A major producer of glass packaging has chosen Exportmaster ShipShape to manage its export administration and documentation activities. Shipments are received by the export software from the company's MFG/PRO system and comprise a wide variety of standard and bespoke containers for the pharmaceutical and food & drink sectors. (30/03/2018)

Beers and spirits.  A long-established brewer and distiller, producing an award-winning range of speciality beers and spirits, has installed Exportmaster ShipShape. The software handles their export documentation and associated shipping procedures. Shipments are downloaded into Exportmaster from the company's Aurora system. (22/02/2018)

Biscuit exporter.  A well-known manufacturer of biscuits and crackers has implemented Exportmaster ShipShape for its export operations. The package is linked with their Sanderson Unity F8 system. (31/01/2018)

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