News items for 2014

Graphics industry. A leading producer of plate-processing equipment has installed a ShipShape system to handle its export documentation requirements. The export software is linked to the company's Sage 200 corporate system for the download of shipments. (03/12/2014)

Anglo-US chemicals. A substantial inorganic chemicals manufacturer has purchased Exportmaster ShipShape to produce documentation for export shipping and the movement of hazardous cargo. The ShipShape software is accessed by users on both sides of the Atlantic and is linked to a Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. (03/12/2014)

Specialised electronics. A well-established producer of speciality products and coatings for the electronics manufacturing industry has installed Exportmaster ShipShape for its worldwide documentation requirements. The system is linked to its existing Sage 50 software for the transfer to ledgers of invoices generated by ShipShape. (22/07/2014)

Confectionery exports. A well-known Scottish confectionery producer has installed an Exportmaster ShipShape system linked to its UnityF8 food-industry ERP software from Sanderson. Food and Drink is now the largest sector represented among Exportmaster’s users in Scotland. (27/02/2014)

Healthcare and SAP. A long-established manufacturer of patient handling and rehabilitation products has purchased an Exportmaster ShipShape system for its UK exporting operations. The export system is integrated with their US-based SAP software and the implementation project was undertaken in conjunction with personnel on both sides of the Atlantic. (27/02/2014)

Retail growth A major high-street retailer has increased the size of its Exportmaster system by a factor of 5 in order to accommodate a fast-growing level of personal exports. (27/02/2014)

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