News items for 2013

Export growth. Despite the difficult international situation, Britain’s exporters (or at least those using Exportmaster) do not appear to be down in the dumps. In 2013 to date (11 months), more than 10% of Exportmaster clients have purchased additional user licences to deal with increased export demand. Many others have also been extending their systems with new modules to provide extra functionality. The increased activity has been experienced across all sectors. Retail growth has been particularly in evidence with one high-street name expanding its system fivefold. (04/12/2013)

Partnership with Datel. Datel are the UK’s largest Sage partner. In the period 2010 to 2013 they won an impressive list of 12 different Sage awards, including Sage Business Partner of the Year three years running. They are specialists in Sage ERP, Financial and CRM systems for distribution, construction and manufacturing (with particular emphasis on the food & drink and clothing & footwear sectors).

Exportmaster and Datel have had clients in common for several years. This association has given rise to a more formal partnership agreement between the two companies. The new arrangement delivers valuable capabilities for improved export documentation and processing integration with the latest range of Sage ERP and financial systems. (04/12/2013)

Exportmaster release 4.23 is now available and has been issued to all current licensees. Version 4.23 contains enhancements, fixes and additional facilities for Exportmaster ShipShape, Professional and TOPS systems. See Notices for more details. (03/09/2013)

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Storage equipment. A well-known supplier of commercial and industrial storage solutions has implemented an Exportmaster ShipShape system to handle its worldwide shipping and export documentation requirements. (31/07/2013)

Excise management for brewery. A North-of-England brewery has extended its Exportmaster system to encompass electronic EMCS submissions to HMRC to handle excise declarations. The submissions are generated as a by-product of Exportmaster's normal documentation production. The Excise Movement and Control System (EMCS) is a computer system which captures and processes information in respect of movements of excise goods in duty suspension within the European Union (EU). The legal framework for EMCS is provided by European Council Directive 2008/118/EEC. (31/07/2013)

Sterilisation control. A worldwide leader in sterilisation monitoring and control has installed Exportmaster ShipShape to handle export documentation using data generated by a Sage500 ERP system. (17/04/2013)

Multi-site drinks industry documentation. A producer of many well-known brands of alcoholic drinks has expanded its Exportmaster Professional system to accommodate users logging in from sites in both the UK and the Irish Republic. The export system operates in conjunction with the company’s JDE ERP software. (17/04/2013)

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