News items for 2012

Minerva partnership. Exportmaster and Minerva Computer Services have signed a partnership agreement that will bring integrated export solutions to users of IRIS Exchequer Exchequer Logo Exchequer Logo and Pegasus Opera 3 systems. Exportmaster has previously worked on an informal basis with Minerva, a company well known as a provider of business software and technology services to the SME sector since 1983. (28/11/2012)

Laboratory products. A manufacturer of laboratory glassware and accessories has purchased Exportmaster Professional to provide export functionality operating in tandem with its MAPICS system. (22/10/2012)

Catalogue link - industrial supplies. A London-based distributor of a large range of proprietary industrial supplies and equipment has installed TOPS software to handle international sales, purchasing and distribution. The TOPS system is linked to their main supplier’s electronic catalogue to enable the updating of details and cost prices of many hundreds of thousands of products. (31/08/2012)

Substituting foreign-language descriptions. An illustrated document is now available on request to guide users through a recommended procedure for setting up alternative product descriptions in other languages and for adapting document designs to accommodate them where needed. This means for example that the same product could print out in English for most customers but in French for those in Francophone Africa without user intervention. Although the advice concentrates on product descriptions, the procedure can also be applied to other text fields if appropriate. (31/08/2012)

Packaging specialists. An international supplier of high-end packaging to many of the world’s leading brands has selected Exportmaster to support its export shipping operations. (10/05/2012)

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Hotel supplies. Exportmaster ShipShape, working in conjunction with a Pegasus Opera system, has been installed by a global supplier to the hotel industry for its UK export operations. (10/05/2012)

Brewing industry. A supplier of a wide range of products for the brewing industry has moved across to Exportmaster ShipShape for its growing export operations. They join a significant number of brewers, drinks companies and their suppliers already forming part of the Exportmaster user community. (20/04/2012)

Fashion retail. A nationwide retail fashion chain based in Scotland has chosen Exportmaster for its overseas franchise programme. They join the many well-known high-street retailers who already use Exportmaster software for their export activities. All report that export sales have made a hugely positive contribution during the recent years of tough trading conditions in the UK consumer sector, despite the general public being largely unaware that such retailers are even involved at all in export activity. (20/04/2012)

Medical equipment. A leading international manufacturer of medical gas equipment has purchased an Exportmaster system for the generation of export documentation. Exportmaster is linked to the company’s MFG-PRO software. (18/03/2012)

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Vehicle safety equipment. A well-known maker of safety equipment for commercial and industrial vehicles has switched to Exportmaster (processing downloads from its corporate System 21 software) to handle its export documentation and administration. (18/03/2012)

Mapics link. A producer of medical packaging and disposables using Exportmaster Professional in Wales for export administration and documentation has linked the software to their Mapics manufacturing and financials system. (20/01/2012)

Semi-conductor industry. A multi-national manufacturer of equipment for the semi-conductor industry has installed a ShipShape system to work on a stand-alone basis for the generation of specialised export documentation. (20/01/2012)

African projects. A London company specialising in the supply of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering items for projects in Africa has installed an Exportmaster TOPS system to handle its trading and procurement activities. (10/01/2012)

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