News items for 2011

Steels and alloys. A manufacturer of specialised steels and alloys in the North of England has implemented an Exportmaster Professional system. Shipments are transferred to Exportmaster by downloads from their in-house bespoke corporate software. (20/12/2011)

Product assembly. A specially-commissioned additional module for Exportmaster TOPS has enabled an exporter of veneers and laminates to handle the assembly and making-up of finished goods from components sourced by the system. The facility is fully integrated with the TOPS stock and purchasing modules as well as with all of Exportmaster’s export management functionality. Invoices are posted electronically to an EMS accounting system. (21/10/2011)

Aviation. A recent export documentation system installation by a helicopter specialist has extended Exportmaster’s presence in the aviation sector. An existing implementation for a client based at London’s Heathrow Airport already handles significant volumes of aircraft parts movements from that key transport and logistics hub. (21/10/2011)

Healthcare supplements. A manufacturer of probiotic healthcare supplements for human and animal use has acquired an Exportmaster ShipShape system to deal with its worldwide export documentation requirements. (21/10/2011)

Foodstuffs & Sage 500. Exportmaster Professional has recently been integrated with Sage 500 to provide export administration and documentation facilities for a manufacturer of branded dried-food products. (09/09/2011)

JDE link for cider-maker. A substantial cider-maker has purchased Exportmaster Professional to work in conjunction with its JDE corporate system to support its rapidly growing worldwide export business. (09/09/2011)

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Dyestuffs & pigments. A manufacturer of specialised dyes and pigments has chosen Exportmaster ShipShape to handle its export documentation activities. (26/08/2011)

Livestock movement. A substantial poultry breeder and producer has implemented an Exportmaster Professional system to deal with international movements of livestock and frozen products, an operation involving highly specialised documentation. Exportmaster is linked to the company’s AS400 corporate processing system. A bespoke software add-on was provided to deal with the particular demands of the packing procedures needed for air-freighting live birds. (08/06/2011)

Power industry. A heavy industrial company specialising in the power generation, oil, gas and petrochemical sectors has installed an Exportmaster TOPS system to handle sourcing, costing, pricing, ordering and acquisition for major projects and for their on-going maintenance. The system operates at both finished-item and component levels and, once assembly and manufacture are complete, deals with the shipping and documentation for the project consignments. (08/06/2011)

Version 4.22 released. Exportmaster version 4.22 incorporates a large number of new features and enhancements (Licensed users - for full documentation see Notices page), including the following operational items. Facilities for importing data from customers’ enquiry or order documents using copy-and-paste have been dramatically improved, permitting significant reductions in re-keying. Customer and transaction-related notes are now available on-screen at various new key locations, allowing specialised instructions to be more visible when needed. Datasearch, now with output to Excel, has been improved and extended while customer, consignee and supplier master files can now be used as a centre for locating their related transactions. For TOPS users, the substitution of suppliers’ own descriptions for the exporter’s descriptions has become easier and more widespread in scope. (28/04/2011)

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Buying house activities. A UK/Dubai buying house specialising in horticultural and agricultural equipment for the Middle East has acquired an Exportmaster TOPS system to support its sourcing, purchasing, supply and shipping operations. (28/04/2011)

MS Dynamics AX links in multi-national environment. A pan-European chemicals group has installed Exportmaster on a central server in Denmark. Two UK subsidiaries are now using the software via remote connections and are receiving shipments into Exportmaster electronically from their Microsoft Dynamics AX system. (28/04/2011)

Shipping and consolidation for electrical manufacturer. An East Midlands manufacturer of heavy electrical equipment has implemented an Exportmaster ShipShape system to handle its worldwide shipping operations and to deal with specific areas of split and consolidated consignments. (28/04/2011)

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Incoterms® 2010. Incoterms® 2010 were launched in mid-September 2010 and came into effect on 1 January 2011. Exportmaster already handles the changes but installation of Release 4.22 will automatically add the new Incoterms to the available list if they have not already been entered. See Notices page for details. (28/04/2011)

SITPRO closed. As part of its round of spending cuts, the government has recently closed SITPRO (Simplification of International Trade Procedures Organisation) the body which devised and gained international acceptance for the SITPRO/UN range of standardised aligned-format export documentation. Its principal functions are to be taken over by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills. Exportmaster will continue to support and encourage the use of the SITPRO formats and will of course be keeping in touch with any developments that the Department undertakes in this area. (14/01/2011)

Electronic customs declarations. The international division of a major high-street retailer has extended its use of Exportmaster to cover the electronic submission of export declarations to H M Revenue & Customs. Shipments are downloaded to Exportmaster from a JDA ERP system. Exportmaster handles shipping and export documentation activities before sending customs data to HMRC and invoice date to Coda Financials. The uploading of data to HMRC is effected automatically as part of the normal export workflow via a web-based process from the Exportmaster/e-customs partnership. (13/01/2011)

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Weighbridge operations update export documents. A well-known recycling company handling multiple-container shipments has speeded up its export process by linking weighbridge operations with Exportmaster’s document-preparation facilities. Weight and container information is electronically captured as vehicles pass over the weighbridge and is fed straight into Exportmaster’s order item data fields for the appropriate shipments so that documentation can be produced the moment final weights are known. (13/01/2011)

EMCS. A multi-national drinks company has extended the scope of its Exportmaster implementation in order to meet its responsibilities under the new Excise Management & Control System. From January 1st 2011 EMCS replaces the old AAD and W8 documentation for excise goods. Customs and excise data is collated as part of the Exportmaster shipping and documentation process and passed via the e-customs partnership web-based system to HMRC for monitoring and validation. [More about EMCS]. (13/01/2011)

UK VAT rate change. The standard rate of Value Added Tax in the UK changed in January 2011 to 20%. This PDF document details action to be taken by companies using Exportmaster for UK business or non-zero-rated exports. (01/01/2011)

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