News items for 2010

SAP-linked implementation. A well-known pump manufacturer has installed Exportmaster ShipShape in conjunction with its corporate SAP system. Multiple dispatches are generated by SAP and passed electronically to Exportmaster which consolidates them into single shipments for documentation and transport purposes. (13/10/2010)

Linking with Coda Financials. An implementation by a railway equipment manufacturer involves the creation of export transactions within Exportmaster and the production of all relevant export documentation. The images of the documents are automatically stored within an archive system while the data from the export invoices is passed electronically to the company's Coda Financials software. (13/10/2010)

Partner in Germany. DE flag Exportmaster has appointed a business partner in Germany - Deutsch-Amerikanische Handelsgesellschaft mbH. Based in Hamburg, DAH are themselves experienced export traders making them an ideal company to extend Exportmaster's activities in the Federal Republic. Visit the DAH website for full contact details. (25/03/2010)

Exportmaster version 4.21. Exportmaster version 4.21 for the ShipShape, Professional and TOPS packages was released in March and has been issued to all clients. (25/03/2010)

Electronic document storage. Exportmaster's Document Archiving module has been enhanced by the addition of an automatic PDF creation facility with intelligent filing. It is designed to operate without user intervention. You can specify which types of document you want to be archived, how they are to be named and where they are to be placed. For instance, when you print an invoice, a PDF version could be automatically stored in a sub-folder for invoices within a main folder for the customer concerned. The PDF approach is particularly useful when you want the documents to be immediately accessible to applications other than Exportmaster. The facility supplements all  the many existing document management features of the module, which provides a comprehensive electronic storage and retrieval system for Exportmaster operations. (19/01/2010)

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Tunnel restriction codes. If you move hazardous goods through certain designated tunnels, you must now use tunnel restriction codes on Dangerous Goods Notes and related documents. The necessary data and document changes are incorporated within Exportmaster version 4.21. (19/01/2010)

Cost & Price Refresh module. An optional module is now available for all Exportmaster packages that automates the updating of quotations and orders. Prices and costs of both product items and non-product extras can be recalculated in line with changed circumstances or the passage of time. Prices can even be made to match pricing that will be applicable at a future date or that was in force during an earlier period. The user has control over which figures are to be updated or not and can choose to change the method of pricing completely when appropriate. (07/01/2010)

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