News items for 2009

EU VAT changes. Exportmaster has been updated to deal with the alterations announced by HMRC to the European Sales List in connection with the Cross-border VAT changes 2010 and the EU Anti Tax Fraud Strategy. The changes include:

  • A reduced ESL reporting timeframe for goods.
  • The introduction of a new requirement to declare on the ESL services to which reverse charge VAT applies.
  • Minor alterations to paper declarations and CSV upload declarations.
All the necessary updates are incorporated in Exportmaster version 4.21. (30/12/2009)

Windows 7 compatibility. Microsoft Windows 7™ has been added to the list of operating systems recommended by Exportmaster for its Version 4 software. Also currently approved are Windows Vista™, Windows XP™ and Windows 2000™ Professional. (27/11/2009)

Exportmaster release 4.20. All Exportmaster licensees have been issued with Version 4.20 free of charge under their annual maintenance contract. There are substantially enhanced facilities for TOPS users while all Exportmaster packages now have the ability to generate email documents incorporating dynamic formatted content (text or HTML) within the body of the message. See Notices page for full details of the release. (30/04/2009)

IBM Partnerworld. Exportmaster Systems Ltd has signed up to the IBM Partnerworld programme. This important collaboration will enable us to extend significantly the range and scope of products and services available to our clients. (30/04/2009)

TOPS implementation in Hamburg. An Exportmaster TOPS international trading system has been installed by Brauhaase International Management GmbH to deal with the company's world-wide drinks industry procurement and supply operations. (31/01/2009)


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