Client profile

Users of Exportmaster are to be found in all these categories:

  • Exporting manufacturers
  • Retail chains
  • Department stores
  • Wholesalers
  • Distributors
  • Forwarding agents
  • Logistics providers
  • Traders
  • Export marketing companies
  • Procurement agents

Exportmaster software systems have been implemented in a huge variety of sectors, including the following:

Abrasives, acoustics, adhesives, additives, agriculture, air conditioning, aircraft parts, automotive parts, aviation, bakery products & biscuits, bathroom accessories, beers & ciders, brewing, brushes, building materials & products, cables, cars, chemicals, childrenswear, clay products, cleaning, clinical, closures, clothing, coatings, commodities, compressors, conduits, construction, cosmetics, dairy produce, decorating accessories, defence, department stores, diagnostics, disposables, distilling, dried foods, electrical, electro-mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, engineering, equine, expatriate supplies, fashion retail, fire protection, flooring, food processing, foods & food products, forest products, footwear, frozen foods, gas equipment, grains & cereals, healthcare, heavy industrial, high street retailers, horticulture, hotel supplies, hygiene, industrial parts & components, inks & dyes, instrumentation, janitorial, laboratory equipment, light engineering, livestock, logistics providers, lubricants, measurement, medical equipment, mineral water, mining & extraction, munitions, oils & fuels, ophthalmic equipment, packaging, paints, paper & stationery, personal care, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, pigments, pipes, plant & machinery, plastics, plumbing, pool equipment, power generation, power transmission, presses, printing equipment, probiotics, process equipment, procurement agents, pumps, railway equipment, raw materials, recycling, roofing, safety products, sanitary equipment, scaffolding, scientific equipment, sealants, security products, semi-conductor manufacture, shipping & forwarding, signalling, soft drinks, steels & alloys, sterilisation products, storage equipment, supermarkets, surgical equipment, tanning, textiles, toiletries, tools, traders, uniforms, veneers, veterinary, wall coverings, waterproofing, waste management, water treatment, wines & spirits, wireless technology.

While most clients use Exportmaster primarily for export activities, others also exploit its functionality for offshore trading, importing and home-market operations.

Acquiring an Exportmaster system

We make implementing Exportmaster easy with our competitive prices and clear, detailed quotations. Most companies simply purchase a perpetual software licence but there is also a rental option.

Trading up from other systems

Several export software suppliers have discontinued support or failed to undertake significant product development in recent years.

If you own one of their systems, talk to us about switching systems and data-conversion.

You'll find Exportmaster does a lot more for you and its programme of constant development will always keep you ahead of the game.

Contact us for details.

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